Are you a beneficiary of any insurance policy?

Insurance inquiries can now be done in two by three. The Unique Insurance Registry (Luos) is a portal that was created for the benefit of all Colombians to facilitate the conduct of insurance inquiries.

You can use this portal in three cases:

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– To find out if you are a beneficiary of a family member who has died, since many times some people include their relatives as beneficiaries and do not notify them.

– To know if the car that caused an accident and damaged your health and / or your assets is insured. If the person who caused the accident refuses to bear the corresponding expenses, you can make the claims that apply to your case to the insurer.

– To find out if your property has the insurance required by law that protects it in case of fire or earthquake.

These consultations are not part of the process of any insurer

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That is, there will be more places to acquire equipment and with this increase in competition, a variation in prices, promotions and others is also expected they only seek to inform so that the user knows if he can and should initiate a compensation process or not. The recommendation for the user is to take this measure calmly and evaluate the new options as they appear.  The disadvantage for the user is that now the operators do not give subsidy to the equipment because they no longer have the right to demand minimum permanence, so the user has to pay the total value of the phone regardless of his cell phone plan.

The Luos is a tool to carry out these queries looking for it to be easier for users and that they no longer have to worry about long lines and wasted time searching for information about the insurance policies that can benefit them.

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