What documents do I need to apply for a loan?

For the purpose of applying for a loan, financial institutions may require different documents depending on the criteria used to evaluate the applicant’s credit application. There are mandatory documents everywhere, but there are documents that vary from bank to bank, depending on the loan or personal loan applied for.   There are basically four groups […]

Protect Your Money

You don’t stop spending even when you have no money left, or buy it for people to value you, or even justify your extra spending with the phrase “I deserve it.” Watch out, you may be boycotting your own pocket. Check out the list of tips that Jomar Florensa, financial educator at Portal Meu Bolso […]

Simulation loan: I find the loan that suits me

That loan, or credit, is a spending budget advance granted by a financial institution or financial institution for the funding of a project. The amount borrowed, plus interest should be repaid in full by the deadlines set by both parties. These elements are listed in the particular said loan agreement. It really is entirely possible […]