Protect Your Money

You don’t stop spending even when you have no money left, or buy it for people to value you, or even justify your extra spending with the phrase “I deserve it.” Watch out, you may be boycotting your own pocket.

Check out the list of tips that Jomar Florensa, financial educator at Portal Meu Bolso Feliz, created for those who no longer want to rob their own income.


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First get a clear idea of ​​your monthly expenses. Then, as soon as you receive your salary, set aside the amount for these basic expenses regardless of when you need to pay them. “Those who do not have this control usually spend their salary as they live. Thus, at the end of the month, there is always a shortage of money to settle fixed accounts, ”explains Vignoli.


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Anyone who really wants to save must set aside a certain amount on the same day the payment falls into the account. Just calculate monthly expenses, separate the amount you want to save, and use the remaining money for other expenses that come up during the month. There are even applications that can be programmed through direct debit account. “Those who organize with discipline are less likely to get lost in the accounts,” warns the financial educator. Saving even a small amount is a start. Eliminate the superfluous. Take at least a few hours a month to record in detail all your extra expenses: hairdresser, gym, clothes, shoes, accessories, restaurants, movies. If you do this on a regular basis, you will be able to see which purchases are superfluous, and note that in total they may be responsible for the uncontrolled budget.


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Do not use, for example, overdraft money as your own. All external credits – such as overdraft, card, and pre-approved credit – offered by the bank do not belong to you and should only be used at the right times. Translation: in emergencies! Let’s say your rent expires today and you only have the money to pay it back in two days. It is worth using the special not to pay the fine. But I kept an eye on interest. LET’S BUY TOMORROW

Do not consume on impulse.

When you’re tempted by something you don’t necessarily need, think about buying it the next day. In this period, think a little more about whether you really need to buy that. Most of the time, you will find that making that purchase would not be important.

Answer two questions for yourself:

1) How important are you to your self-esteem and how heavy are the opinions of others? 2) To buy, do you consider your need / satisfaction or to show to each other? Be honest in the answer. You may find out what, unfortunately, is normal in humans: we like to show off and pay dearly for it. Believe me, it is better to be at peace with your bank account. GET REAL. Do things that fit your life moment. Anyway, frequent places you can really go to and spend only what you can afford without needing extra credit or loans for it. Your tranquility is worth a lot.

Yes, offers and promotions are tempting, but you need to be stronger than your buying instinct. The fact that something is cheaper does not mean that you really need to take it home. PAY IN CASE! Only use some form of credit with the certainty that you will have the money to pay the debt. Otherwise, before making the purchase, collect the required amount and pay in cash.

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